Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Blog Challenge-Day Five

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

If you're still following along with this challenge....Happy Friday! And here's to day 5!! Go link up with Amber over at Brunch With Amber

Day 5: Things You Are Looking Forward To For Fall

  • Cooler weather. It will be nice not to sweat my ass off everytime I walk outside.
  • School time!!!! I know AD is only in preschool but it still gives me 4 hours every Tuesday and Thursday where I can relax!!
  • Sweaters. I love wearing sweaters, long sleeves, or sweatshirts.
  • Leaves changing colors. I love the way the trees look when fall rolls around.
  • Earlier bed times. Since it gets darker sooner in the fall time, the kids are in bed earlier!
  • Holidays with my family!! Although I am expecting holidays to be a little difficult this year without Dad here.
  • Fall TV shows! I love that the season premieres have all started for pretty much every show I watch.
What do you look forward to most now that fall is just around the corner??


  1. You were not the only one excited for school days =)

  2. I'm so thankful for the earlier bed times here too! I'm also really excited about the new shows starting again on TV.

  3. I'm loving the early fall-TV lineup so far. Modern Family & Community had me truly laughing out loud.

    I love the "cool weather," mainly because there's just something so very comfortable to me about long sleeves & shorts. It feels "right" to me.