Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Blog Challenge-Day Two

Onto day 2 of the fall blog challenge. If you missed it you can link up here. I will be linking up for the next two weeks.

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Today's topic: Fall clothes/trends/makeup

I love the fall weather! The weather starts to cool off so I get to pull out my boots, sweaters and hats. I still wear jeans, but that doesn't change because I normally wear jeans all summer as well too.

I could wear boots like this all year round, but I try to save them and not start wearing them until the fall and then stop once summer hits. They are just so adorable!

As far as makeup goes, nothing changes. I normally don't wear a whole lot of makeup anyways and when I do throw some on in the fall, it usually looks the same way that it looks in the summer/winter/spring.

Happy fall guys:)

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  1. Oh my Gosh, those Boot's are so cute. I would like at least 2 pair, with the flat soles think they would work for me at work, where would I buy these?
    And you are Gorgeous with or without Make up
    and a Super MOM and signifigant other, I have never seen anyone do what u do, handle all three of the kid's all day long, laundry always constantly picking up and still manage to make supper evry night,PLUS DESERT,who does that as you were growing up Dessert was Applesauce and Jello mixed together but will say we did have nightly suppers even though with 5 kid's Mom's was usually cold with the constant squats I did over the supper hour, of getting up and down constantly for Mom get me this Mom get me that, But I loved being your Mom and to this day as we are the BEST OF FRIENDS!!! I still love being all of your's Mom, I will say is the best thing I have ever accomplished in my life!!! So you were taught from a young age Supper and family time around table, and still today you all love applesauce and jello best invention I ever created!!! Love you very much Baby Girl!!!....MOM