Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where Oh Where Did She Go??

I know what you are all thinking...Where in the hell did this chick disappear to. Yes, I know. I have been slacking greatly in the blogging community and if you're still following me on this great blog of mine...Sorry I havent been writing lately.

My last has been crazy hectic to say the least. If you didn't notice I had a guest post at the end of the month. Sarah was wonderful enough to stop by and write for me while I was busy doing things for my dad's real estate sale.  Since that sale, we have only had a week to get the rest of his house cleaned out. It's been a chore to say the least.

I am so exhausted. Not only am I running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to keep this house cleaned (it seems no matter what I do I cant seem to stay caught up) I also decided to be stupid enough to take on babysitting two extra children. So now Monday through Thursday I will have a total of 5 children in this house...HELLO STRESS FACTOR! What the hell was I thinking???

I will try and keep everyone updated and get back into a writing spunk here soon. My brain is just mesh and to be able to pull anything remotely interesting out of there to write about would be nearly impossible!

..On a happier note..I found out on Thursday that I got into nursing school! I start in January! WOOHOO! Go me!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Guest Post: Sarah from Being Momma

So if you havent noticed, I have been pretty MIA over the last week or so. I have been preparing for my father's real estate auction all week. Since tomorrow is the big day and the blog has been pretty slack, I asked my good friend Sarah over at Being Momma to guest post for me today. You should totally go check her out and follow along with her blog if you don't already. I have been following Sarah for several months now and just to be able to talk to someone else who goes through the daily struggles like I do has been amazing! So I'll leave the rest to Sarah. I hope everyone enjoys her guest post! Thanks so much again Sarah!!

Hey there!  I'm Sarah over at Being Momma.  I'm a new-ish momma to an amazing (and sometimes horrendous) little guy.  I stumbled across Tory's blog a few months ago & have read it since.  It's kind of comforting to know that somewhere out there another momma is wanting to rip her hair out & hug her kid(s) all at once.  I hope you enjoy the post and that maybe you'll stop by my neck of the woods soon.
I have learned many things about kids in the past two years.  The three most important are:

  1. I knew nothing about children before I had Gabe, and everything I thought I knew was a lie.
  2. Vomit's not the only thing that can project across a room.
  3. While Curious George has taught Gabe some colors, numbers, etc... the damned little monkey has taught me to NEVER buy my kid a monkey.  Ever.
I was Mom of the Year before I ever had a child.  I could tell you what their problem was, how they needed to be handled, & how the poor bastards that were their parents were just lazy & impatient.  I could've written book upon book of "child raising methods".  I. knew. it. ALL.
Someone should have shaken me back then.  It's okay, though... 'cause reality slapped me in the face when I gave birth.  Gabe's not a bad kid, but he's all boy.  And by that I mean he likes to Superman off his highchair and smash his Tonka truck into doors.  He likes to head-butt (yep.  that's right).  He gives a high-five like nobody's business.  So what do you get with a little guy like that?
Dare devil + little bull + fierce = Terrible, TERRIBLE two's.
Yep; we've hit the motherload, y'all.  For months now I have wanted to either gouge out my eyes, drink a case coupl'a cases of beer, or both.  I've tried spanking.  Time out.  Talking in "soft, soothing tones" (that's a crock, FYI).  I have tried everything but tying him to the roof of my car & driving around.  And the only reason I've not tried that is 'cause he'd like it.  Well.. that & it's child abuse.. neglect.. somethingorother.  He has his good days, don't get me wrong.  In fact, when Gabe is good, he is excellent.  But when he's bad... oh, boy.  Prepare to die slowly inside.  So to all those parents who I've criticised... I am SO sorry.  And if you could remove the curse you've all placed on me I would certainly appreciate it.
I'm not really going to touch on number two, because who wants to read about projectiled anything.  But I will say this: I have never gagged so much in my entire life until I-- you guessed it-- had Gabe.  I'm taking an anatomy class, now... so while everyone else is excusing themselves from lab because they can't handle fetal pigs & organs... I'm good.  In fact, I'm probably the weird one poking at whateveritis with my pencil.  Moving on.
Lastly, Curious freakin' George.  My younger brother loved the books when he was little, and I've read to my son since birth.  So I figured, Gabe likes the little books... why not the movie?!?!  
Epic mommy fail.  Not only does Gabe ADORE the damned cartoon, but he has taken to mimicking the monkey.  Yessir.  He mimics George.  Very well.  Gabe's a smart kid (I've not decided if this is to my benefit or my demise).  He picks up on everything pretty easily.  So when George makes a mess of the bathroom... or knocks over a cuckoo clock (we just so happen to have one.. go figure), Gabe's right there with him trying to do the same thing.  It's gotten to the point, and I kid you not, that I have to secure him in his highchair if I know I'm going to be out of the room, and out of earshot, for longer than 5.  Seconds.  Gabe's a quick little sucker, and I'm petrified at what all he can do.  With that being said, I still like little George.  If nothing else it's decent entertainment for when life gets hectic for about an hour (and it often does).  Hell, I'd rather him mimic Curious George than, say, Spongedumb Squarepants, any day.
Just know, Gabe will not be getting a monkey any time soon.  Unless it's stuffed... and then we'll talk.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Blog Challenge-Day Five

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

If you're still following along with this challenge....Happy Friday! And here's to day 5!! Go link up with Amber over at Brunch With Amber

Day 5: Things You Are Looking Forward To For Fall

  • Cooler weather. It will be nice not to sweat my ass off everytime I walk outside.
  • School time!!!! I know AD is only in preschool but it still gives me 4 hours every Tuesday and Thursday where I can relax!!
  • Sweaters. I love wearing sweaters, long sleeves, or sweatshirts.
  • Leaves changing colors. I love the way the trees look when fall rolls around.
  • Earlier bed times. Since it gets darker sooner in the fall time, the kids are in bed earlier!
  • Holidays with my family!! Although I am expecting holidays to be a little difficult this year without Dad here.
  • Fall TV shows! I love that the season premieres have all started for pretty much every show I watch.
What do you look forward to most now that fall is just around the corner??

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Blog Challenge-Day Four

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Linking up with Amber again today for the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenege

Day 4: Fall Decorating

Normally I don't do a whole lot of decorating when it comes to fall considering I don't have the time with the kids running all over the place to get it all out around the house. Plus when it's new stuff that's out that the kids dont see on a daily basis, it doesn't get left alone.

However....someday when the kids are older and I have a little more time and patience..I will decorate the house with things like this....

both pictures via Pinterest

How do you decorate for fall?

Movie Review--Madea's Big Happy Family

Up for review this week--Madea's Big Happy Family

I absolutely love Tyler Perry. I have seen every movie he has ever made, except for the plays. I can't bring myself to watch all of them, just not the same as a movie.

In this movie, Madea's neice Shirley (Loretta Devine) receives some devastating news about her health. Madea uses her abusive ways creative skills to try and bring her Shirley's children all together so their mother can share the news with them. Kimberly (Shannon Kane), Tammy (Natalie Desselle Reid) and Byron (Bow Wow) are all too wrapped up in their own lives to spend time with Shirley. As Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) and Madea work together to plan a family supper, the announcement of a buried family secret is unveiled.

Although I have to give props to Tyler Perry because once again did he not only have me rolling on the floor with laughter, but he brought tears to my eyes. It never fails. Every single time I watch a Tyler Perry movie, I end up bawling.

I would definitely recommend buying this movie. This is one I could definitely watch again. Totally was worth the 20 dollars to buy it.

Movie Rating: A

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Last Straw

I am really to the point right now where I no longer have a clue what to do with this kid. He is the mouthiest kid I think I have ever met. His attitude is ridiculous and his acting like he's the boss has gotten on my last nerve.

The kicking, punching and smacking has gotten out of control. He hits everyone, not just his sister anymore, but me as well. Today he got so angry because I told him no, that he came over and pulled the pacifier out of B's mouth after she finally had fallen asleep. Of course she started screaming, then he got in trouble and got sent to his room. I now have to force him to stay in there by standing in the door way, otherwise he runs right now. Then he thinks it's a game and laughs the whole time.

If I tell him to do something, he tells me to do it right back. I told him to sit down today, he fires back "you sit down" I'm at my wits end. Everyone keeps telling me he only acts this way when I'm around. He's a fairly decent child when my mom has him and the other night when I went to babysit for my cousin and M stayed home with them, M said he was a completely different kid, but "he's always a different kid when you're not around".

So what do I do that is so different than anyone else? M doesn't have to yell when I'm not home. He doesn't kick, hit or yell at M, like he does me. He sits down and actually listens (for the most part)

I am sick of all the yelling, on my part and his. I wish I could figure out what's going on. I really don't know what do with him anymore. Is this seriously normal 4 year old behavior? With ADHD running on his father's side of the family, I almost wonder if he doesn't have some kind of hyperactivity disorder, but what I don't understand is he's pretty good in preschool. His teacher said they've only had one episode where he was a little high strung but that it wasn't anything out of the ordinary......I just don't know what to do anymore.

Where did I go wrong in parenting this child? AN is starting to pick up on everything he does and I don't want to go through this stage again with her. Something has got to give.

Fall Blog Challenge-Day Three

Linking up again today with Amber for the Fall Blog Challenge

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

What do you do for Halloween/a Halloween memory?

I love dressing up for Halloween. I love all the different costumes and trying different ones on.

Last year M and I took the kids trick or treating the night of Halloween. It turned out to be a lot of fun and of course I love the CANDY!
Iron Man and Kitty

The Saturday before Halloween last year, M and I decided to go up to the bar to the Halloween party. Usually every year, we try to go to a party after the kids have gone trick or treating and are home on bed. Some years it just doesn't work out. It depends on how the kids are feeling and how we are feeling.

We played cop and prisoner last year:)