Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's O.K.

--to want to spend all day in bed.

--to sit outside on the deck and cry because you are stressed out with the crying and screaming from your kids

--to not give in to watching cartoons

--to not want to admit you overreacted after fighting with the boyfriend

--to skip lunch and just eat candy

--to feed your child dry cereal for lunch

--to watch DVR'd  shows instead of cleaning the house

--to just be lazy and not do a damn thing with your hair except throw it in a pony tail

--to play the TV a little bit longer in the kids' room at nap time, just to keep them in their rooms a little bit longer

--to not blog every single day, even if you would like to

--to be upset that the Packers will be playing tonight so I wont have any attention paid to me

--to be nervous about serious conversations

--to want to move and get the hell out of here

--to make supper from a box

--to drink coffee in the afternoon


  1. it's 3pm and i could SERIOUSLY go for some coffee this afternoon.

  2. Interesting stuff my dear.....See I still follow up and read these!!!!

  3. it's totally ok to feed your kids dry cereal for lunch ;-) mine is picky so I am happy she eats when she does!

  4. I could totally spend the entire day in bed! In in response to your comment on my blog: I loveee General Hospital I've been watching since I was a teen, maybe longer ... :-)