Monday, September 12, 2011

Second Week of Preschool

So AD is officially in his second week of preschool. He seems to be enjoying it. I, too, am enjoying it as well. The only problem I have.......he doesn't go often enough. After M and I decided to enroll him in preschool, they told us he would go Tuesdays and Thursdays. The disappointment factor??? Finding out that there is a school twenty minutes away that offers preschool everyday. I did have issues with this however because I am not really sure how I feel about a 4 year old going to school everyday. The Kindergarten schedule up here is still every other day, so sending him to preschool everyday and then sending him to Kindergarten every other day, makes no sense to me.

He is a very smart kid, sometimes almost too smart for his own good. He has learned quite a bit already and I am thrilled with the way his teacher teaches and responds to the children his age. His attitude at home hasn't changed a whole lot and I was hoping with him going to school that it would. Perhaps it will since we are only in the second week of it. I can only hope! So sick of the fighting, hitting, yelling, pushing etc. that he does with AN. The tempers in this house are UNREAL!

Here's AD on the first day of school
He was very excited to start the first day. Woke himself up, picked out his clothes (with a little help from me) ate breakfast, packed his book bag and watched a little TV before the bus got here. We headed outside about ten minutes before the bus got here and maneuvered our way up to go stand by the rest of the kids and wait for the bus. He kept talking about how excited he was to get on the bus and be a "big boy". Everything was fine and dandy until the bus actually pulled up. He REFUSED to get on. With the help from M's brothers, I finally got him to get on the bus with them.


  1. My kids are still WAY too young for school, but I remember riding a roller coaster. She was so excited -- so excited. And then we got there and *poof* she had to leave. Just far too much.

    I think it's the brave face that you want to put on for everybody else finally getting the best of you.