Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shit I Hate Sunday

So I am linking up today for the first time over at Rockin Mama for her Shit I Hate Sunday. Go check her out. She's rocks my damn socks!!

Shit I hate....being hungover and trying to take care of a baby. That damn shit doesn't work! Guess that will teach me to drink as much as I did last night.

Shit I hate....fighting with the ex over the kids. He always manages to piss me off some how by screwing up the time schedule on the weekends...When I say please don't make it a late night...having you call me and tell me that you can meet me at the hell is that early to you!?!?!

Shit I hate...taking things the way M says them wrong....which causes us to fight...which causes me to get even more pissed off and then cry because my damn feelings are hurt because I took whatever he said wrong.

Shit I hate...having to apologize for overreacting.

Shit I dirty house. Seriously. It's like a never ending damn cycle. I wish it would clean itself already.

Shit I hate....the damn Vikings...honestly and truly I am a Vikes Fan but let's get your shit together for once instead of pissing the damn game down your legs.... UGH!!!

Shit I hate...watching M get all excited because his stupid Packers team won.....which makes them 2-0...BOO!!!

Shit I not only is the top of my mouth burnt, but I have a huge blister on my nose and looked stupid as hell! Thank you pizza sauce!!

Shit I tabs. Seriously never start one of those things. I get too drunk to the point where I just start writing everything down AND buying drinks for other people. M went to pay the bill last night before leaving and wasn't very happy with me.

Shit I period. Too bad everything isnt free. It would make life a hell of a lot less stressful!


  1. uhh id say midnight is ridiculous!
    Oh i couldnt imagine being hungover and having to take care of a baby eek! hope u at least got a nap!

  2. I'm not a fan of money lately. And, fortunately, I think every bartender in a 200 mile radius of me knows not to allow me to start a tab, because if I'm not paying for each round right then, I'll buy everybody & their mother, a motherfucking drink.

    Speaking of drinking, I'm set to have several frosty ones this evening.

    And someone really needs to invent the "parent hangover cure," because the dry heaving in the morning after too much wine as I change a stinker has to the worst feeling in the world.

  3. LOL Well I would say a very good lesson learned on the bar tab and a Baby all hungover, no pity here u knew better...LOL

    And The Packers!!!!!! ROCK just saying, and they piss like real men not down their damn legs...WOOT WOOT PACKS!!! LET"S go all the way to the SUPER BOWL,

    But all kidding aside, I love you so very much my beautiful Baby Girl!!!!....Mom