Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bleep In The Blank

Today I am playing along with Destiny over at Rockin Mama for her Bleep In The Blank. Head on over and link up your own answers!!!

1. Sometimes when I am alone I __sleep____. (The only damn time I actually get any sleep is when the kids and the SO are gone)

2. My zodiac sign is __Leo______, that means I _like to be the center of attention____.

3. My drink of choice is _Dr. Pepper___, because it makes me _so happy I could shit___.

4. My favorite movie quote line is_"Oh yeah? Why dont you suck on these little Chinese nuts? ____, because__Ken Jeong is funny as shit and it brings back funny memories of my mom.____________.

5. My typical day is filled with _coffee_____,_stress___, and _tried patience____.

1 comment:

  1. lmao, you could shit huh. nice.

    that is a funny quote too! the hubs does that line...he does movie quotes every fucking day. lol

    I hear ya on the stress...*sigh*

    thanks for playing! :)