Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PYHO: Struggles With My Son

I have been struggling for weeks, months, possibly even over a year with my 4yo son. It seems like no matter what I do, it's impossible to get him to listen. I truly believe the child suffers from ADHD, but until he reaches school age no doctor will diagnose him or give medicine for him. Between the massive screaming, arguing, crying (more me than him), and all the anguish.

Here is just an example of what I have been through over the last week with him:

  • He slapped his sister and when asked to stop he laughs in my face.
  • He got so angry last night after being told he couldn't watch any TV that his face got so red and he started shaking his head and let out this belting high pitched scream.
  • Fighting him to get in the tub last night, he threw himself on the floor and laid there, forcing the child to have to take his clothes off.
  • He refuses to listen to anything you say. He will tune you out. Some days I feel like everything I say goes in one ear and out the other. Example: AD pick up your toys.....ignore..AD throw your wrappers away..ignore..
  • He will argue with me about everything. Yesterday he asked me what color the sky was and I told him blue, his response, "no mom it's green" "No, AD it's blue" "It's green you stupid!"
Now I know some of you are thinking, well that's just a normal 4yo child, but I don't think it is. Now I hate that I put a diagnosis on my child, but if figuring out his diagnosis would make his life a little better, that's what I wish they would do. I hate seeing him get so upset and angry that he just doesn't know what to do with himself. It truly breaks my heart and stresses me out to the max! I'm hoping with him starting preschool in August, that they might ACTUALLY start doing something or at least looking into it......One could only hope


  1. Just started following your blog. Be strong!

  2. Geez, that is stressful! Being a mom is no picnic, and some days you just want to ram you head into a wall. Some of his behavior is fairly normal--my son is very good at the ignoring--and some of what you described you're very right to be exasperated about. Sometimes you can find some tips on online forums. I wish I could offer some help, but I'm often at a loss with what to do with my own son.

    BTW--You've been chosen to be our featured blogger for Feed me Friday! I'll be emailing you too.

  3. Do they have preschool special services in your area? They may be able to help some if you feel this is beyond your control.

    {{HUGS}} Mama, it's hard when you feel like no one is listening to your concerns.

  4. Sorta Southern Single Mom- he starts preschool in August, and am hoping that at that time they will decide for sure if they see something wrong with him! Whether he's cooperating in school or what not.

    Thanks everyone for the comments! I really apprecaite it!

  5. I'm a new follower! Come visit me at I have a son, now 16, who is bipolar and I struggled with him from day one. He is now a wonderful young man. There is hope for you and your child. HUGS.

  6. Oh man, you've definitely got your hands full mama! I hope the preschool helps him use up some of that energy :) Hang in there!

  7. Maybe if you take him to go see someone else? yes, a lot of this is "normal kid behavior," you are his mama and know when it's gone beyond that.