Friday, July 1, 2011

Fawk You Friday and 10 Days of Bullshit Challenge

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Linking up my first Fawk You Friday Post (It's been one of those weeks)

Fawk you bank account.....I have been trying everything possible to get caught up and do what I need to do to stay at a positive balance, but you just keep reaming my ass with overdraft charges. Thank you for not giving a shit!

Fawk you sibling.....Now normally I would never ever ever have a negative thing to say about my siblings (okay, thats a lie) but normally I wouldn't bitch about it....This week is a whole different story. Had a fall out with my youngest sister and we are officially not speaking.......We'll probably be better sometime next week, but we are both so damn stubborn headed that we dont know how to be the first one to apologize!

Fawk you cable company....I have officially been without cable TV now for a good week...why you ask? Because the damn cable company can't send a technician out to fix my stupid box or my satellite or whatever the hell happens to be wrong with it now!

Fawk you screaming voice....Odd right? I agree, but I wish for once I would lose the ability to scream. I scream from the time I get up in the morning until the time the kids go to bed at night. My stress level...through the damn room....Totally sick of it! Thank you so much voice box!!!!

Fawk you children.....Sound harsh? I know.....and dont get me wrong love both of them to pieces...more than anything...but this week.......seriously? Didn't I give birth to you 4 and 3 years ago??? So why do I feel like you're up my ass all day (And no, I didn't give birth out my ass, bad choice of words I think! LOL)

Fawk you heat....Ok, so I am really not trying to complain about this one because I would rather it be hot than cold, but I can't take much more of this damn heat at 35 weeks pregnant. I feel like a fricken beached whale!!! How about getting an air conditioner that cools the whole house?? Oh yeah thats right...not possible in this STUPID house with the STUPID windows!

Also this week, I will be linking up with Rockin Mama starting her 10 days of bullshit challenge. Sounds like a great way to keep myself blogging for at least 10 days!

Day 1-- A recent photo of you with a funny caption

I know you are thinking...your nose looks kind of funny. Well thank you to my 24 year old sister who decided to kick me in it and break it when I was in 5th grade! *BITCH* :)


  1. HAha, damn I may be the only one in the world that hasn't broken my nose or had it broken!

    You have pretty eyes whore bag!

  2. I remember those days when I wanted to strangle all the kids. The summer was the worst. Wait till they go to school and are all of a sudden home. Yikes! I became nutso mom.

  3. Is this the same sister you aren't speaking to? LOL

  4. I agree with Destiny you have gorgeous eyes. Im glad to know I am not the only one that cant keep my account positive haha stupid red numbers!

  5. Hey you!! Just getting back to your FMBT follow. (I know..I'm beyond fashionably late!) & to my delight find you linking up to say Fawk You! Love you already!

    My kids can't speak softer than a bellow. So I more than relate. My cable was jacked up last week. It made me sick to live that long without the Bravo channel.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Yeah that really is a bitch!!!

    I also link up to Fawk You Friday with Boobies.

  7. I'm also taking part. Have a great weekend!