Monday, June 27, 2011

A Weekend Of Celebration

This weekend in our small town, we had a huge celebration. There was dances and concerts Friday and Saturday night, breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning, a parade Saturday, inflatable toys, ice cream making, a petting zoo, and lots and lots of fun! The thing that made my weekend whole family was here...crashing at my house. Now my family is pretty close. We tell each other everything and we do everything together. Friday afternoon, I drove my children to spend the weekend with their father. After I arrived back home, my mom and I picked up around the house and ran to the store. Both my sisters arrived at the same time. After hugs and hi's we maneuvered our way into the house. Ten minutes later, my little brother showed up with his girlfriend. We all got ready to go out Friday night. After spending all night out on the town, we headed home about 2AM. The best part for me you ask?? Being the DD:) At least everyone arrived home safely. Saturday morning---Sisters wake me up to go eat breakfast.....FAIL! By the time we arrived at the breakfast buffet, it was over. So we decided to stay and watch the parade. While they were throwing candy out, someone made the comment that it would be a lot better if my children were in tow this weekend because then they would have an excuse to run towards the candy!
After the parade we all came home, and got ready to go to the car show. IT WAS HOT!! Unless you have been pregnant in the summer, people don't understand when you say that you are sweating to death because of the extra 50 pounds you are carrying around. The shade was my best friend and I tried everything possible to hide under the trees!
After the car show, I was ready to go to home. I had spent 4 hours outside, sweating, waddling around, and MISERABLE!!! The best solution to this........SNOW CONES!
Saturday night, I stayed home. I didn't feel like spending another night up town watching a bunch of drunk people, although I will admit, it is pretty cheap entertainment:) My sisters, my brother and my mom went out and M and I stayed at home. I did however drive to pick up my mom at about 12AM. The sisters werent ready to go, but mom had had enough for the night! Sunday, everyone left...and my house was pretty destroyed but man was it quiet!!!!! All in all it was a pretty good weekend!! I miss the family now!


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