Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Day From Hell

This morning started off nice. Got to sleep in, made coffee, got to enjoy a couple of cups before the kids started arguing,got to skip out on watching cartoons and got to watch Dr. Oz (only because the kids were in their rooms playing). So I thought that today was going to be a great day..........

The kids and I headed out the door at about 11AM to go run some errands. When I arrived at the first destination, I realized that I had grabbed the wrong paperwork off the table and was already a half hour from home.  So now I have to figure out where the correct paperwork is since I thought I had it all together.

I get home and flip on the light switch in the kitchen. No light. I think to myself "damn, I just changed this lightbulb". Walk to the dining room and flip that switch. No light. REALLY?!?! What the hell? Come to find out, M forgot to may the electric bill on Tuesday so while we were gone running errands the electric company came and shut us off! AWESOME!

Call the electric company to pay the bill. They want not just the phone bill, but a deposit AND a reconnect fee. That totally wasn't factored in the budget! Thanks for that jerks. So I go to pay with my card and they inform me that there will be a 5 dollar and some odd cent charge to use my card. SERIOUSLY!?! Like you aren't jipping me out of enough money. *Reminder--Always do everything myself, just makes it easier*

Electric company turns lights back on. SUCCESS. The failure part of that....trying to find something for the kids to do for 45 minutes without lights. Thank you for making my day ten times more stressful!

After I get the kids all situated back in front of the TV *Dont judge* I decide to sit and relax. After the kids' cartoon is over they decide they want to go outside and play. In the process of getting their shoes on, my shoes on and pushing them out the door, my stress meter goes up a bit more! Once outside AN decides she has to pee, so I go to take her in the house AND.........the damn door is locked! AWESOME!!!!!!!! So while my 3yo daughter stands outside and cries because she has to pee, I am trying to manuever my 32 week pregnant butt through a window that happened to get left unlocked.

Is it 9pm yet?  Because I am totally ready for bed!!


  1. Oh, Lord. Girl, I thought I had MY hands full! And hey... TV comes in handy sometimes. I don't know what I'd do if Gabe didn't like Curious George or Phineas & Ferb.

  2. Ack, after all of that I hope you have a good weekend.

    I forget paperwork ALL the time.

  3. LOL Oh my lovely young prego mommy you did indeed have a very stressful day, and yet you managed to somehow figure it all out like you always seem to normally do!!! I am so very proud of you and the mommy you are to those 2 and the one on the way soon to be here!!! I miss you so much Honey!!!!