Saturday, June 18, 2011


This week over at Kate Takes 5, her listography theme is inventions I wish were real. So here are my 5 inventions I wish were real.

1. An invisible cape: There are several days when I wish I could be invisible, a fly on the wall if you will, so I would give anything to be able to run to my bedroom, throw on my invisible cape, and go about my day as if I wasn't around. I think a lot of this comes from my insecurities and my trust issues, but if I can't be in someone's mind, I'll just be "present" in their conversations:)

2. A "freeze time" button- I would give anything to have a button that I could push to just freeze time. Seriously, I have no idea where the last 5 years of my life have gone. While driving to supper tonight, M and I were talking about how AD could ride the bus next year to preschool and it hit me like a big smack in the face! HOLY CRAP! School? A couple of days a week with no AD.......How in the world is he old enough for this.

3.  Time Travel- I know this one kind of has to do with number 2 as well, but I wish I could go back in time. Grant it yes, there are things I would like a "do over" on. My senior prom-do over, dropping out of high school- do over, hell even eating that brownie yesterday morning for breakfast-do over, but on a more serious note, I would give anything to be able to travel back in time two months. I would at least be able to say good bye to my father and be in the hospital room with him when he passed. Even just being able to travel back in time to a place when I was younger just so I could see him one more time would be amazing to me!

4. A Mute Button- This one kind of reminds me of the remote from 'Click'. Man, I would give ANYTHING for that kind of remote. Why? Well while in the middle of a movie, the kids run out and start arguing....."mute"....M comes home and is crabby because I didn't get this or that done that day....."mute"....A run in with an "old friend" while at the grocery store who doesn;t know when to quit talking...."mute"

5. An Easy Button- This one is kind of funny. One invention that would make life easier? How about an EASY button. Push it and thing simply get easier. There's no stress, no drama, no anger......It would be an easy day:)


  1. An easy button - you've hit the nail on the head. Perfect. I think I may need that one today actually.

  2. Oh the invisibility cape! So many uses like you've said. Plus often the kids play better when they don't see you, so you can get about under the cloak without being annoyed!

  3. An EASY button! (not to be used to make uptight girls, uh, easier) I want one. Tho I'd use it all the time...

  4. I'd like an easy button! Great list

  5. Easy button. Genius. Getting the kids to do their homework. Press the button. Easy. Get them to go to sleep. Press the button. Easy. Love it

  6. I think your buttons probably neatly combine most of the inventions on the other Lists this week. I always worry about what people really think of me so that cape could be useful too.
    Poignant post in places - thanks for sharing.

  7. All good ones! Easy button and freezing time are my favorites! :) New follower!