Monday, June 6, 2011

The Things I've Been Meaning To Do

Every month over at I'm A Lazy Mom she does this link up of things she's been meaning to do. I read it last month and enjoyed it so I decided that I would participate this month.

The Things I've Been Meaning To Do

I need to finish cleaning my daughter's room. We started this process two days ago and still have yet to accomplish the whole thing. At least you can kind of see the floor now.

Last summer we decided to tear out our old bathroom and rebuild it. It is now a year and a month later and I still have yet to paint the bathroom walls. 

I should probably finish the floor eventually too

And I should probably put the door on as well:)

I should dust too! This is a stand in my dining room. I even wrote "hi!" in it to show you how bad it is!

This is just a start of things that I really have to get done.  I will be having a baby in the next 8 weeks and I need to get the crib set up, get all of the baby's clothes organized by size and sort them out. I need to clean my room and get it organized. I have papers piled up on my dresser that need to be filed from last year yet.
I will stop here today with the list of stuff I need to do, but I could continue on forever.


  1. Praying some nesting instincts kick in your you soon! Any chance you can enlist in your daughter's help to dust? I all for free child labor!

  2. Haha! Love the unfinished bathroom and dust! Fab!!

    The Lazy Mom

  3. Your daughter's room looks like my living room on any given day!! Love the dust. I hate dusting. :)