Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 Days Of Bullshit Challenge--Day 7

Day 07- What is the difference between love and lust?

So it's day 7 of this challenge and I'm really racking my brain today to figure out a way to answer this question. I have always told myself I knew the distinct difference between love and lust. Hell everyone should right? WRONG! Lust to me was the sort of relationship I have a couple of years ago. He was some random guy I met at a party, hooked up a couple of times, no emotional connection, no nothing. Then I had this huge ordeal where I wanted there to be way more and he didn't. Lust for him, like for me. I've never been a very good person with lust. Screw it!

Love. Hm..To be 100% completely honest, I believe I have only been in love two times in my whole life. Once to my "first love" and once to the father of AD and AN. Love can also kiss my ass. Love is trust, love is compassion, understand, honesty, commitment and being there for each other. The first time I fell in love, my heart was broke tremendously and I thought I would never bounce back from that. The second time I fell in love, the asshole slept with my best friend. Kudos to him I guess. Now I'm in love again. Doesn't count as a third time though because I've never quit loving the guy. He was my "first love" and he will be my "last love" :)
That's all I got!

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