Monday, July 4, 2011

10 Days of Bullshit Challenge-- Day 4

Day 04- What do you lie about the most?

I would like to say that I never lie, but that's complete bullshit. I lie about little things on a daily basis when it comes to my children, either because it makes things easier for me or I feel it's something they just dont need to know. I don't really know what I lie the most about,whether I lie about one thing more than the other, but the last lie I told was to my children. They were asking questions about my SO's brother and right now he's in some trouble and in jail. I don't feel that the kids at 4yo and 3yo need to know when someone is in jail. It's just too much information for them.

I did lie to them about their Super Papa(my grandpa) passing away. I felt at the time that I didn't want to tell them because they had just lost Papa Steve(my dad) a month earlier. I think that death is a lot for children at that young of age to understand. Right now we are dealing with when anyone gets sick, my kids worry that they are going to go to heaven.  This comes from their Papa Steve being sick. The last memory they have of him is in the hospital and he was "sick".  Someday when the kids are older and can better comprehend things I will probably explain it more and we won't have to lie about stuff anymore.

I am trying to teach my children good morals and to teach them that lying is not okay. But I guess that's a part of life. Everyone lies.


  1. I lie about there being treats in the house. B/c mama doesn't want to share her ice cream sometimes.

  2. I agree, I will keep things from them like that too. They don't need to know certain information.

  3. Umm everyone lies and if they say they don't...they're lying. Sometimes you just have to!