Saturday, July 2, 2011

10 Days of Bullshit Challange--Day 2

Day 02- How was your first experience drinking alcohol?

My first experience drinking alcohol is an interesting one. I think back now and I wonder how I ever wanted to drink again after this experience.

I was 14 years old and had decided to go hang out at a friend's house that night. My friend's older sister was throwing a party with a bunch of her friends, so my friend and I decided to join in and ended up calling a bunch of our friends over as well. The night started out alright, I kind of just walked around and talked to everyone considering I had no idea what I was even doing. Then it happened......

The boy I was crushing on at the time showed up to the party. He had in his hand a bottle of Captain Morgan. He offered me a drink. At the time I just played it off like I totally knew what I was doing and asked him for a beer instead. His friend had an extra beer that he could spare. I cracked it open and took a drink. I literally thought I was going to throw up right there. To keep my cool, I slowly sipped on the beer.

As the night continued everyone kept drinking and stumbling all over the damn place. At one point in time I remember being with my crush's friend. He was trying to hook up with me and thanks to the alcohol I was totally down with it. Turns out it didn't get very far (THANK GOD)

All of a sudden the guy started throwing up like mad crazy. I was freaking out so I ran and grabbed his other friend and brought him back over to the car. We ended up carrying him to the house and putting him in the bathtub in the bathroom. He was suffering from alcohol poisoning and everyone was too damn stupid to take him to the hospital....Luckily the guy slept it off and ended up waking up okay in the morning. Stupid ass teenage kids too stupid to realize that he very well could have possibly died. 

I woke up the next morning feeling like shit and not having any concern for the guy who was in the tub. (I had totally forgotten about it anyway, once again thanks to the alcohol). After realizing what had happened I told myself I was never drinking again....Needless to say I still drink to this day, except now a days I'm smarter about it.

*The funny part about this whole story, the guy who ended up suffering from alcohol poisoning turned out to be the guy I married 4 years later and divorcing a year after that for his alcohol use and cheating. He's also AD and AN's father.* 

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  1. ewww, good thing the bastard starting puking or you'd have another story to tell LOL, hubba hubba! ;)