Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Since the weather has been so crappy and gloomy around here the last couple of days, the kids have been cooped up in the house. Yesterday, they decided that they wanted to go next door and play with the neighbor kids since they are out of school now. (Heck yes, I'll take the break)

They were back and forth between houses for a while and then AN and AD finally decided to quit running in and out and play next door for another hour before supper. While I was in the kitchen getting stuff ready for supper the neighbor mom knocks on my door and walks in holding AN. She is crying and has a towel wrapped around her foot.

Mom to the rescue!! I pull the towel away from her foot to try and look at it. I almost passed out. She cut her littlest toe, where the toe meets the foot. ICK! Deep enough for stitches, so we load her into the car and drive 45 minutes to the hospital. (Yes, I know ridiculous, 45 minutes but thats the closest one)

We get into the hospital and she starts screaming because she doesn't want any shots. After soaking her foot for a good 20 minutes the doctor comes in and decides that she is just going to glue it. We got lucky! Had the cut been any deeper we wouldn't have been able to avoid stitches. AN did very well and got two suckers from the nurses for being such a "big girl". We were given instructions on how to care for it at home and left the hospital and drove 45 minutes back home.

The catch....Nobody has any idea what she stepped on. The neighbor says she was playing outside without her shoes on (I've only told them a billion times to leave them on!!) and came in with blood everywhere. Puzzled?!?! Me Too!

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