Friday, May 6, 2011

And The Packing Begins.......

So today kept me very busy. The kids and I got in the car this morning, drove up to our local restaurant, loaded our van with boxes and drove a half hour to my dad's house. The plan for today was to start packing up some of his things so we can shoot for an auction sometime this summer.

See the problem with this, my father had a 7 bedroom farm house and every single room is consumed with things he collected. As my siblings and I grew up and moved out, he filled our room with junk. I literally mean junk. I have never seen so much of it in my life.

We started with one room today. The library as it is called. The amount of books in this room is insane. Currently there are over 25 boxes of just books in that room with many more still left sitting out on shelves, in drawers, on the floor. A never ending cycle of books. 

In the beginning I have to admit, I was kind of excited to start in this room. I like to read, so I assumed that I would end up taking most of the books home. Wrong Conclusion. Some of these books were published back in 1918 and some are so old I would be too scared to even open the cover. Others consist of "John Wayne" characters and I couldn't see myself curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee reading that kind of book.
Children's books. My children will never have to have anyone buy them another book for the next 5 years.

I do have to say I feel accomplished. Between my sister and I busting our asses today, while having a 3 year old and 4 year old present, I feel good! I also didn't feel like I was much help a lot of the time considering I'm 27 weeks pregnant and my ass only waddles around a room. I cant wait to finish this room and start on another room. There will be so much more blogging to come with this process....

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