Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daddy is Better

There are days I struggle with a lot of issues when it comes to parenting. The fighting, hitting, screaming, the mess, etc., but the one thing that really gets under my skin the most as a parent is when my child gets put in a time out and she sits there and hollers for her daddy.

Now I know most kids do this to other parents as well. They want the parent who didn't put them in time out. The difference in my situation, my kids' father and I are divorced.

The kids only ever start doing this "daddy" thing when they get told "no" or put in time out. AD told me yesterday  the famous lines "well dad lets me". Seriously!! I am sorry I am such a big mean monster and don't allow you to have cake a half hour before we are eating supper. I am sorry that I don't allow you to run around outside with no shoes on. I am sorry that I make you pick up your toys.

I know they love their dad, and their father isn't a terrible father, but the way I discipline is different then the way he disciplines. So it makes things hectic around here for a week after they come back from being with their dad on his weekend.

I want to scream at him! Every time the kids throw a "I want my daddy" or "Daddy lets me do this" I just want to pick up my cell phone, call him and scream "could you PLEASE work with me a little bit more on this parenting thing, so our children dont hate me!"

Some days I didn't realize how bad a four year old and a three year old could break your heart.

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