Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Have you ever been in the middle of a really good dream? The graphics, the people, the event...everything seems so very real, like you are there. Just as the dream starts to get to the most suspenseful part......something awakes you from sleep!

This morning, roughly around 7AM I was in the middle of a very intense dream. There was a tornado going on in my neighborhood and I was trying to save all my kids and get them to a safe place. (This is thanks to not having a damn basement in my house) As I was loading the kids in the car, backing out of the driveway and driving up town to get to a safe place, I hear a cry. B is in the backseat, wailing. She's hungry or needs her diaper changed, but my goal is to get all the kids to safety, then I will be able to deal with B.

The crying continues.........it snaps me out of fantasy and back into reality where I realize that B is awake in her cradle and I was dreaming. So I stumbled out of bed, changed her diaper, feed her and put her back to sleep. (This is one morning when AD and AN are still in bed so I might get to sleep in a little bit) As I lay her back down to go to sleep, I try so very hard to go back to sleep so as to continue my dream in the same spot I left it in.

As I start dozing off I hear.."Mom, mom?" WOOHOO! Here comes the dream.........nope. Just AD getting out of bed coming to find me this morning to get him some breakfast. Guess the dream will have to wait until tonight. Hopefully my mind lets me finish it!

Anyone else have this problem where they have been in the middle of a dream and cant finish it because something interrupts you?


  1. Oh my gosh, story of my life! I've heard that if you go back to sleep in the same position you were in while dreaming, you should be able to fall back iinto it : ) Good luck mama!

  2. Two people running about during a zombie infestation - they start making out, and then the zombies break down the door. I wake up. Boo.