Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where Oh Where Did She Go??

I know what you are all thinking...Where in the hell did this chick disappear to. Yes, I know. I have been slacking greatly in the blogging community and if you're still following me on this great blog of mine...Sorry I havent been writing lately.

My last has been crazy hectic to say the least. If you didn't notice I had a guest post at the end of the month. Sarah was wonderful enough to stop by and write for me while I was busy doing things for my dad's real estate sale.  Since that sale, we have only had a week to get the rest of his house cleaned out. It's been a chore to say the least.

I am so exhausted. Not only am I running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to keep this house cleaned (it seems no matter what I do I cant seem to stay caught up) I also decided to be stupid enough to take on babysitting two extra children. So now Monday through Thursday I will have a total of 5 children in this house...HELLO STRESS FACTOR! What the hell was I thinking???

I will try and keep everyone updated and get back into a writing spunk here soon. My brain is just mesh and to be able to pull anything remotely interesting out of there to write about would be nearly impossible!

..On a happier note..I found out on Thursday that I got into nursing school! I start in January! WOOHOO! Go me!

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